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La Senda Ecovilla El Batán

El Batán, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

  • Rancho
  • 6 recámaras
  • 7 baños
  • 455 m² construcción
  • 8,977 m² total
  • US$ 350,000 En Venta


Designed by artist-designer Rick Welland, the laSenda Ecovilla complex in beautiful Rancho El Batán, is conveniently located near the historic, designated World Heritage town of San Miguel de Allende in Central Mexico.

La Senda Ecovilla was created as a multi-use, ecologically sound, green property with the potential for 100% sustainability complete with 6 apartment suites with patio, a spacious dining conference room with patio, a commercial kitchen, an organic garden, a greenhouse, a fruit and nut tree orchard, a lovely water park, and a private well to mention only some of this site ́s amazing features. Finally, an off-grid, solar energy management system reduces the property's electrical costs and dependency on the local electrical grid.

This beautifully versatile and innovative complex was designed to accommodate a variety of commercial and personal uses. Here are only someexamples for using La Senda Ecovilla: an amazing family compound, a cozy a bed & breakfast, an off-the grid eco-retreat, a secluded intentional community, an exclusive corporate retreat, a magical venue for wedding parties and other group events, a relaxing vacation destination, a quiet learning center, a peaceful health & wellness spa, and/or a delicious organic or gourmet restaurant. La Senda Ecovilla ́s many features, amenities and commercial potential are simply too numerous to list here in this short description.

Suffice it to say that this is a Must-See for anyone interested in acquiring a unique, multi-use property in the beautiful countryside around San Miguel deAllende, one of the world ́s most prized destinations for discerning tourists and travellers of all stripes including art-lovers, history buffs, foodies, destination weddings, and anyone who wants to experience Mexico at its best.


Clave interna:RE109
Precio de venta: US$ 350,000
Construcción:455 m²
Terreno:8,977 m²